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Manfred Breuersbrockwas born in the Westfalian small town of Vreden in 1957. After graduation, he studied German literature, journalism and art history.

Together with two associates, he founded Neue Pathos Film in 1987. The company, which he has been heading single-handedly since 1991, produces mainly documentaries and specializes in films compiled from stock footage. Breuersbrock has a passion for vintage commercials. His archive holds a collection of more than 15,000 German ad films from the fifties and sixties, providing an important source for new productions.

In addition to his activities as a film producer and director, Breuersbrock went back to his art history roots and developed a slightly different way of painting in oils. Following his artistic principle of using nothing but crude oil as paint, Breuersbrock's paintings show an elegant black surface. The painter abandons his work at the studio, a vault underneath Cologne, as soon as an offshore oil spill occurs somewhere on the globe. After the tankers Baltic Carrier and Prestige shipwrecked, Breuersbrock went to the oil-contaminated beaches of Denmark and, respectively, Spain, in order to create his Crude Oil On Canvas works. In 2003, he went on a field trip to the heart of the Russian oil production, Nizhnewartovsk, Sibiria, to learn about the risks and promises of this industry.

Breuersbrock has been living and working in Cologne since 1991.


Manfred Breuersbrock
Lichtstraße 50
50823 Köln

Tel.: 0221-97 77 99-15
Fax: 0221-97 77 99-19
Mobil:0179-867 22 95

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