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On March 29th 2001 during a storm in the Baltic Sea the cargo vessel „Tern“ collided with the oil tanker „Baltic Carrier“, at the boundary between the German and Danish territorial waters approximately 16 nautical miles southeast of the Danish islands Falster an Mon (collision location: 54o43 N / 12 o35E). The tanker was carrying 30.000 tons of HFO – heavy fuel oil. She had set sail from Estonia and was on her way to Gotenburg in Sweden.

At 5:30 pm the oil slicks began to beach at Gronesund and hit the islands of of Boge, Mon and Falster, soiling a 50 km stretch of coastline. The next day Manfred Breuersbrock arrived in Denmark to paint his pictures.

Footage from „Oil on Canvas“ by Claudia Indenhock