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Crude oil
A substance that dominates our life like no other
Fuel that keeps the world running

Generated under enormous pressure
Millions of years old
Time coagulated
Energy accumulated
Transience compressed

Black paintings
Oil paintings
Crude oil paintings
Eternity on canvas

Apart from diamonds, you cannot own anything older.

„Manfred Breuersbrock's paintings are black. Completely black. Crude oil black.

The material for Breuersbrock's paintings isn't squeezed from art supply's anonymous tubes, it comes right from the wells, pipelines and tankers of the world. The oil industry does its best to channelise and tame those enormous powers bubbling from the wells; but a resource as energetic as oil will sporadically escape even the most perfect control – and hit the shores. Unannounced. Unpredictable. Unrefined. Breuersbrock's paintings are like oil in its primitve state: tangible, massive and full of power, abounding in aesthetic elegance and energetic momentum. They are dynamic and dramatic. Black – timeless – provocative.
Breuersbrock succumbs to the substance's fascination and delves into the existential possibilities within it. But all his enthusiasm, his passion and respect for crude oil cannot blind the painter's eye for the darker aspects of the matter.
Definitely the world's most wanted resource, one that took millions of years to accrue, crude oil will in the case of sudden and unexpected disaster become a dangerous substance destroying the natural environment it arose from for generations.
As soon as an oil spill happens somewhere on the globe, Breuersbrock abandons his studio vault and goes on a field trip in order to scoop his paintings directly from the contaminated waters. He doesn't shy away from incorporating an occasional dead seagull into his works.
Breuersbrock's artistic integrity lies in the conscious and unbiased acknowledgement of the two antipodal manifestations of crude oil. His open-minded view at the substance's dual aspects – both blessing and curse – make for the provocative voltage of his work.“ (Prof. Birgit Mager)

Breuersbrock is not a Greenpeace activist
Neither is he a oil industry campaigner
His field of activity is art
He is a painter
Painting in oils
Painting in crude oils
His oil field is the canvas
Crude oil on canvas